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8 / 12 2021

CGV Cement® Brand

CGV CEMENT® white cement made a difference. To be able to exploit architectural possibilities, the knowledge of what can or can not be done is a precondition; knowledge that engenders the inspiration and the design to consider new and difference approaches. Allow yourself to be inspired by the results and details shown; distinguish your building by basing your decisions on the architectural possibilities presented by CGV CEMENT® white cement. CGV CEMENT® white cement have various applications:

  • In-situ Cast Concrete
  • Prefabricated Elements
  • Classic Terrazzo
  • Plastered Surfaces
  • Indoor And Outdoor Surface Covering
  • Flexible Fibre-reinforced Concrete

Building Details

CGV CEMENT® white cement meets the demands that most countries made on rapid hardening cement and is made of particularly pure white limestone and clay. The content of substances that might color the cement is thus limited to a minimum. The small quantities of colored substances that are always present in raw materials are bound and their coloring effect eliminated through the use of a special advanced cooling technique.

Concrete made with CGV CEMENT® quickly gains relatedly high compressive strength and its ultimate strength is far higher than that of concrete in which ordinary grey Portland cement is used.